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Climate change, Exhaustion of resources, Terrorism....The future of humanity has been increasingly threatened by the numerous kinds of challenges. Global communities has been struggling to resolve the issues, however, still have a long way to go. In recent years, impressive technological advances, called the 4th Industrial Revolution or Consciousness Revolution, has been made and adding new challenges to human societies.

The Korea Future Forum(KFF) is a knowledge sharing venue organized last year by News1, the leading news agency in South Korea, and the UN Future Forum, non-profit futurists’ association. The Forum was designed to help people be aware of various challenging trends and to equip them with ideas to exploit underlying changes in a desirable way.

The Forum that will be held on May every year in Seoul, is devoted to public roles to improve humanity’s abilities to build a better future by delivering better thinking ways and wisdom to get over current global challenges. The Forum which positioned itself as a future-oriented independent platform, does not represent or serve any particular interests of any kinds of organizations and ideologies.

Any changes always deliver opportunities as well as risks. If humanity fail to wisely respond to current transnational grand challenges, disastrous results will follow from the mistakes. Diverse experts from various cultures and organizations will engage in the Forum and try to provide well-balanced views to audience about how to deal with current global issues.


Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Self-driving cars, Internet of Things, Nanotechnology, Cryopreservation.... We are seeing the abundance of ‘exponential technologies’ that will alter fundamentally the ways of our lives and significantly disrupt existing industry landscape.

Big progress has been observed in AI in recent years, powered by increased computing power and availability of vast amount of data. Various kinds of AI has been emerging and revolutionizing manufacturing, working and discovery process. AI is considered to be a assistant for human as well as a rival to compete for jobs.

The Forum is focusing that hyper-connectivity became a key word in this era of transformation. Everything around us began to be interconnected through wider and faster communication systems. Also, it is true that hyper-connectivity is expected to amplify the depth and scope of current technological revolution. Self-driving eco-friendly cars equipped with AI, will be your moving home, cinema and office.

Thanks to rapid advances in bioscience, some futurists believe that we will be able to extend human lifespan radically, even indefinitely. To conquer diseases is just a part of story. They are speculating that aging is a curable disease, not an inevitable natural process occurring all of organism including humans.

We declare that the era of hyper-humanity is coming, in the meaning of enjoying the unprecedented opportunities provided by hyper-connectivity and exponential technologies in every ways of lives.

The Forum will deliver world’ foremost experts’ insights and thoughts to audience about what the future will look like and what to do.